Monday, September 26, 2011

rain days and Mc'D's tantrums.

our turkey lurkey
A fight in McD's play land???
...and it wasn't involving any children!
Ha, only in Orillia. I find myself saying that a lot...
This past Friday was a rainy one. I was trying to keep the kids quiet in the afternoon so my husband could sleep. After hours of arts and crafts...
 ...And when the baby finished his nap. I decided to get out of the house. We dressed up in our best rain wear and headed to McD's. A couple other moms(and one gramma) with kids had the same idea.

The fight went down just as my daughter wanted to go into play land, which was good she didn't hear all words being thrown around.
It started when two girls in play land were screaming at the top of their lungs. REALLY LOUD! At the time I was thinking "Are their parents not going to tell them to be quiet???"
Well Gramma in the corner had the audacity to call the parents out. I couldn't believe what she said, but I also can't remember. It went something like "Are you kidding me? Are you just going to let your kids scream like that, that's ridiculous, this is an outrage!?"
speaking of loud!

The parents of the 2 screamers were very defensive, and creative with their language. I remember them calling the gramma an old bag! They also thought what their kids were doing was perfectly fine. I mean, they weren't fighting, and they were in play land, if not there, then where? But it was so annoying, and earth shattering LOUD.
I wish I had a camera to take pics of the incident. It was kind of funny, because as we were walking into McD's, 1 mom was giving the other parenting advice. I'd like to think if the Old Bag in the corner would have bit her tongue for 5 more seconds the moms would have asked their children not to scream so loud.
Anyhow we played  in playland while it poured outside then went home to do more crafts...competing with kindergarten is hard work!


  1. Too bad I missed this. I love it when stuff like that goes down!! :P


  2. I need to hit Mc Don's soon. ;p