Thursday, September 22, 2011

A day off...

When you have children there is no such thing. I sometimes call them days on, with my kids it's non-stop, and with the baby I have to be on my toes! I really go to work for time off...
As I've mentioned in a previous blogity~blog I have rotating days off. This week I happen to have Thursday and Friday night off. Which means I was able to spend all day with my children. Our day was jam packed with gymnastics, grocery shopping, and a trip to the park!
Here's our car ride from gymnastics to the grocery store. Thank goodness I brought snacks to tide them over 'till lunch!

After groceries, lunch, a nap for the baby, and arts and crafts for the big girl we spent sometime at our favourite park.

Kids love dirt!

After a day off work, I am so exhausted! A bottle of wine with Greys season premiere was a great way to end the day! Looking forward to my day on tomorrow.


  1. Yep. Being at home can be VERY busy. :)