Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Summers End

The summer is now behind us. I wanted to post some pics of the kids enjoying the summer weather at some of the attractions we visited this summer...


Amelia was lucky enough to play t-ball, and soccer. Her Soccer coach was her cousin Tony. She loved it, and we loved watching her! Of course we bribed her with every goal you get you get an ice cream...

We had a mini Vacation at Niagara Falls. We love it there!

on the lady bug roller coaster, we rode it 4 times!

Everyone loves Marineland!

the dolphin show!
Especially me!

We visited the Elmvale Zoo.

2 pretty princesses!

We had play dates with our friends and played dress up!

We did lots of swimming and park visiting!
First Birthday!

Somebody learned how to walk...

We also made it to Canada's Wonderland and Santa's village but my camera didn't.
Off to work I go!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Parks and buses!

Here's my Baby. All dressed up as a little man! He likes to go to the park, just him and I, to chase the ball. Today, at the park there happened to be other people. Other people with a plane!

This is him thinking "They have a plane, and all you brought me to play with is this lousy ball?"

So we watched and chased the plane until it was time to get his big sister at the bus stop.
If you read my last post this is the kind of picture I was referring to. My daughter obviously played hard today at school! So hard that she fell asleep on the bus!
She sits in the front of the bus, when the bus stopped I could see her hair plastered against the window not moving... Then after the bus driver calls her name, all I could see were these two big blue eyes peek up at the bottom of the window. It was so cute! I wish I had my camera ready. She comes to walk around the corner and she's all disheveled, her hair was a mess and her face was dirty. If it was picture day I would be freaking!

Here is a picture of her before dinner...So tired!

Forgive me Mrs. M...

... if sending your kid to school sick is a sin, then I have sinned!


My Daughter is catching onto what day of the week it is. Good for her, bad for me. When she woke up this morning she was a little under the weather, no fever, but all congested and yucky. I would have liked to keep her home this morning to get better, especially because Friday is picture day(EEK). But she was having none of that.

I tried with the "oh there's no school today" but she responded with "mom, your just jokin' me" "cough-cough".
She couldn't remember it was Wednesday, but she knew yesterday was Tuesday, and the next day she goes to school...

probably the ensemble for picture day

PICTURE day...
I am so nervous for picture day. Why am I so nervous??? Because every school or class picture my parents have hung up of me is awful. It's like they waited for the really ugly ones and hung them. Why is it the bad ones always resurface?

Anyhow, I was thinking maybe I should drive her to school that day and just go and ask if they need help with sitting the children... probably wouldn't go over well considering I would have the baby with me and I haven't had my criminal record checked in a while. Apparently that needs to be done before you can volunteer! Which is a good thing.
But, if I was there I could at least make sure her hair isn't all weird or that her dress isn't stuck in her tights. That happens a lot.
Maybe I'll send the teacher a note; Dear Mrs. M. please give my child a once over before you put her in front a camera. Thanks.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome October!

I like fall, I say like because I know it leads to winter. Being a Northern Girl I know winters can be long and rough. Now add in a dash to the bus stop with a stroller and a 4 year old. URGH!
This fall we have pumpkins growing!  3 to be exact.

our pumpkins

Fall also brings a fun Holiday, after Thanksgiving, it's Halloween!

Here's a sneak peak!
We are almost certain of our costumes this year.
It's still up in the air whether the baby will be Elmo or a dinosaur...I'm sure I'll post pics when the time comes!
                                                                            Here is a pic of my baby...

I may have...

I may have sent my daughter to school yesterday looking like a farmer...
My defence: I was caught off guard.

Farmer Amelia
 I usually have her outfit all picked out the day before (especially if I am working that day.)
...And I did have it all ready to go; Dress, tights, and shoes! As I was packing her lunch in her pack sack I noticed a letter at the bottom of her bag.
Wednesday 28th is Terry Fox day. Wear red and white!
It was Wednesday 28th, and she just wore her red skirt the day before, so it was still in the laundry. Gosh, do they only give 2 days notice for these kinds of things? What about the working mom's that are doing laundry on their days off (during the hydro cheap hours)???
I put away her pre-picked out pink, grey and black outfit, and started riffling through her clothes.
Of course she is demanding a dress, a tutu if possible, something to match a crown perhaps...
Well... Low and behold a summer dress red and white! Perfect, only it's a cold and rainy day.
Both of her white sweaters are in the car, with my husband, at work... so I had to be inventive, I put a white long sleeved shirt under her dress...It didn't look quiet right. but she was happy to be a part of Terry Fox day and wear red and white like all the other kids.
Of course we get to the bus stop and she's the only one wearing red and white.
Urgh, the other kids moms must work too, or maybe they stuffed they're note at the bottom of their pack sack and it was missed, almost like my daughter's.

Monday, September 26, 2011

rain days and Mc'D's tantrums.

our turkey lurkey
A fight in McD's play land???
...and it wasn't involving any children!
Ha, only in Orillia. I find myself saying that a lot...
This past Friday was a rainy one. I was trying to keep the kids quiet in the afternoon so my husband could sleep. After hours of arts and crafts...
 ...And when the baby finished his nap. I decided to get out of the house. We dressed up in our best rain wear and headed to McD's. A couple other moms(and one gramma) with kids had the same idea.

The fight went down just as my daughter wanted to go into play land, which was good she didn't hear all words being thrown around.
It started when two girls in play land were screaming at the top of their lungs. REALLY LOUD! At the time I was thinking "Are their parents not going to tell them to be quiet???"
Well Gramma in the corner had the audacity to call the parents out. I couldn't believe what she said, but I also can't remember. It went something like "Are you kidding me? Are you just going to let your kids scream like that, that's ridiculous, this is an outrage!?"
speaking of loud!

The parents of the 2 screamers were very defensive, and creative with their language. I remember them calling the gramma an old bag! They also thought what their kids were doing was perfectly fine. I mean, they weren't fighting, and they were in play land, if not there, then where? But it was so annoying, and earth shattering LOUD.
I wish I had a camera to take pics of the incident. It was kind of funny, because as we were walking into McD's, 1 mom was giving the other parenting advice. I'd like to think if the Old Bag in the corner would have bit her tongue for 5 more seconds the moms would have asked their children not to scream so loud.
Anyhow we played  in playland while it poured outside then went home to do more crafts...competing with kindergarten is hard work!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A day off...

When you have children there is no such thing. I sometimes call them days on, with my kids it's non-stop, and with the baby I have to be on my toes! I really go to work for time off...
As I've mentioned in a previous blogity~blog I have rotating days off. This week I happen to have Thursday and Friday night off. Which means I was able to spend all day with my children. Our day was jam packed with gymnastics, grocery shopping, and a trip to the park!
Here's our car ride from gymnastics to the grocery store. Thank goodness I brought snacks to tide them over 'till lunch!

After groceries, lunch, a nap for the baby, and arts and crafts for the big girl we spent sometime at our favourite park.

Kids love dirt!

After a day off work, I am so exhausted! A bottle of wine with Greys season premiere was a great way to end the day! Looking forward to my day on tomorrow.