Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big forking deal!

Today started out great! My 4 year old woke me up 1 minute before the alarm clock went off, I love that. Of course it's a school day, so I had to get everyone dressed and fed to meet the bus. The bus stop is a good hike from our house and we have to leave at 8am to catch it.

Here's My daughter waiting for me to get my shoes on, impatiently.

After the bus stop, My 1 year old and I decided to do some investigative work. We decided we would go to my daughters school and see just what it is she does... She plays tag with all the other little girls, cutest thing!

After getting busted by one of my husbands work buddies(ooops) we got outta there and headed for home. I realized I didn't have my wallet so no sense walking around, plus I knew my son would get hungry soon.


At lunch I thought to myself -I should teach this munchkin to use a fork... and he's a total pro, watch and learn! did occur to me my husband probably taught him, but I'm the first to document it!

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  1. I was spying on your daughter today as well.
    Well, not really. We drove past the school and she was outside with her class. I picked her out right away despite being in heavy traffic and listening to Nana go on about "something"...

    Your son is AWESOME!!! (and I"m not just saying that because I'm his Aunt!)