Friday, September 30, 2011

I may have...

I may have sent my daughter to school yesterday looking like a farmer...
My defence: I was caught off guard.

Farmer Amelia
 I usually have her outfit all picked out the day before (especially if I am working that day.)
...And I did have it all ready to go; Dress, tights, and shoes! As I was packing her lunch in her pack sack I noticed a letter at the bottom of her bag.
Wednesday 28th is Terry Fox day. Wear red and white!
It was Wednesday 28th, and she just wore her red skirt the day before, so it was still in the laundry. Gosh, do they only give 2 days notice for these kinds of things? What about the working mom's that are doing laundry on their days off (during the hydro cheap hours)???
I put away her pre-picked out pink, grey and black outfit, and started riffling through her clothes.
Of course she is demanding a dress, a tutu if possible, something to match a crown perhaps...
Well... Low and behold a summer dress red and white! Perfect, only it's a cold and rainy day.
Both of her white sweaters are in the car, with my husband, at work... so I had to be inventive, I put a white long sleeved shirt under her dress...It didn't look quiet right. but she was happy to be a part of Terry Fox day and wear red and white like all the other kids.
Of course we get to the bus stop and she's the only one wearing red and white.
Urgh, the other kids moms must work too, or maybe they stuffed they're note at the bottom of their pack sack and it was missed, almost like my daughter's.

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  1. Don't worry about it, she looks adorable! :)
    I got caught with my pants down this morning. Gabby and Mass informed me it was school colours day (blue and yellow). I mean really... who has yellow ANYTHING??
    I found some suitable stuff. About half an hour later the school calls. Mass peed his pants and needs an new outfit-stat.
    All my hard work, down the drain so to speak.