Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Forgive me Mrs. M...

... if sending your kid to school sick is a sin, then I have sinned!


My Daughter is catching onto what day of the week it is. Good for her, bad for me. When she woke up this morning she was a little under the weather, no fever, but all congested and yucky. I would have liked to keep her home this morning to get better, especially because Friday is picture day(EEK). But she was having none of that.

I tried with the "oh there's no school today" but she responded with "mom, your just jokin' me" "cough-cough".
She couldn't remember it was Wednesday, but she knew yesterday was Tuesday, and the next day she goes to school...

probably the ensemble for picture day

PICTURE day...
I am so nervous for picture day. Why am I so nervous??? Because every school or class picture my parents have hung up of me is awful. It's like they waited for the really ugly ones and hung them. Why is it the bad ones always resurface?

Anyhow, I was thinking maybe I should drive her to school that day and just go and ask if they need help with sitting the children... probably wouldn't go over well considering I would have the baby with me and I haven't had my criminal record checked in a while. Apparently that needs to be done before you can volunteer! Which is a good thing.
But, if I was there I could at least make sure her hair isn't all weird or that her dress isn't stuck in her tights. That happens a lot.
Maybe I'll send the teacher a note; Dear Mrs. M. please give my child a once over before you put her in front a camera. Thanks.

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  1. She's way too smart that kid. :) If they thought she was too sick to be there, you'd be getting a phone call so, don't worry about it. We've all (or is it just me??) sent our kids off to school in not the greatest of health.

    I hate picture days. It's so stressful to know what to put on them. That's a cute outfit she has on-should work out well.
    I just dropped off my completed paperwork at the police station this morning for my background check! At least it's free for volunteers! :)